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Data is the life blood of business…and Business Intelligence really is the Brains of your operation. How your data is Stored, Communicated, Managed and Used can mean life or death to a business. Zombie Data is dedicated to offering Real World tested BI solutions that secure and streamline your data flow, improves ROI and gives you the confidence to build your business on powerful and efficient data solutions.

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Regardless of Your Business Size, You’re a Target

Many people in healthcare make the incorrect assumption that their business won’t be a target for cybercriminals because they are “just a one-man show” or “aren’t part of a big network”.  Neither way of thinking is wise, because when a cybercriminal is trying to compromise data or an entire network, every organization is valuable, and…

An Introduction: Employee Cybersecurity Assessment

Introducing the Employee Cybersecurity Assessment is an easy and effective way to protect your company’s network. Hackers are looking for new victims every day. In fact, bad actors may be scanning LinkedIn for new employees. Oftentimes, new employees post photos and discuss their new job title on social media sites, without realizing that they may…

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