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Data is the life blood of business…and Business Intelligence really is the Brains of your operation. How your data is Stored, Communicated, Managed and Used can mean life or death to a business. Zombie Data is dedicated to offering Real World tested BI solutions that secure and streamline your data flow, improves ROI and gives you the confidence to build your business on powerful and efficient data solutions.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Expertise

Cyber security is a field of expertise that is booming. There is an urgent need for skilled professionals, and the shortage of qualified cyber security professionals means that this is the perfect time to strike. In the modern world, cybersecurity plays a vital role in protecting computers, networks, databases, and smartphones. But what are the…

Hard Drive Failures Can Be Devastating For Data Recovery

Hard Drive Failures Can Be Devastating For Data Recovery

In computer sciences, data recovery is an efficient process of restoring inaccessible, lost, corrupt, damaged, formatted or unreadable data from removable media, computers or other devices, when the data contained in them can’t be accessed in an ordinary fashion. Data recovery techniques are very important for all forms of data loss, whether from physical processes such as…

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