Boost Your BI Speed

Problem: In today’s society we are all immersed with so much information.  We want near immediate response times to everything.  If you have to stay in a hotel with a slow WIFI speed it’s like PUNISHMENT.  We are like 4 year olds with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Why can’t we get Google like speeds for my Analytical queries?

Display graphic of typical BI Solution stack.  Display names of some of the players in each segment of the stack.  Quickly discuss the general stated purpose of each segment.  Simply put when evaluating the performance of the stack of products used in you BI Solution the most bang for the buck comes from improvements in the DB engine technology.  So we all know we started with a performant BI Solution.  We didn’t begin with a Pinto when creating a BI or Decision Support Solution.  Imagine taking your car, lets say you drive a Lexus or other NICE car. It runs really fast, much faster than then Pinto.  Now imagine dropping a Ferrari V12 engine in place of your 3 liter 6 cylinder engine into the same compartment.  How responsive would your Lexus be?